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No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. we ourselves must walk the path


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चल हो तैयार एक नई उड़ान को, चल हो तैयार एक नई पहचान को, चल कस कमर तू अंधकार मिटाने को, चल कस कमर तू ज्ञान का दीप जलाने को, यदि साथी चल पड़े तुम हो तो कहीं नहीं रुकना होगा, लाख चुनौती आए मगर संकल्प छोड़ नहीं लड़ना होगा,

We are

 more powerful 

when we 


each other

what we do here ?

The believers quad is an initiative to inspire and motivate our readers. We believe alone we can do so little, and together we can do so much so, share your inspirational story with us, and We will post it here. You can also share your problems with us, and We as a whole Community will find a solution for you.

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