Living Life to the fullest

Living Life to the fullest

“Life” a word that reflects on us diverse emotions. It is filled with emotions that one experiences. In a way, life is a ‘travel blog’ that contains glimpses of a journey through a series of adventurous destinations. On this journey, one gets to experience numerous emotions, difficulties, etc. Trials and Errors are part and parcels of this journey.

Here are some Necessities for this wondrous journey

Trials and errors

These are the two words that one encounters in this journey of ours daily. However, these are the two essential ingredients to the recipe for a successful life. It is when we go through tests in our lives that we tend to err, but indeed these mistakes make us realize our weaknesses and enable us to hone our skills.

Now you must be wondering the mystery behind those two underlined words. Well, no need to strain your brain. It’s just for us to contemplate a bit and think about what is a ‘successful life’ for us. Is it sitting on the back seat of a luxurious car? Or is it being able to save a part of the “cake of time” to spend with our family? What is more appealing to you?

Well, your choice between the two tells a lot about you.  

But what is most important is that to achieve a successful life has a lot of hard work backstage. 

For this, it is a must that one makes the best out of all the trials that one goes through. As we say, sometimes life is a bed of roses, and the real test lies here when in spite of the scarcity of resources ‘ traveler’ comes out with flying colours.

Carry a bag full of Life Skills!!

So don’t forget this anywhere. This is the key to keep the tour safe and preserved. Life skills are the values that one practices in life. It constitutes their belief system. For this system to be in good spirits, it is a must to fill your mind with optimistic ideas. 

So don’t forget to pack these things in your backpack!! 

At last one more thing my readers should understand is that, like it is mandatory to make memories and capture these for a good Travel blog same is with this Blog of Journey. So fill this scrap file with a lot of memories.  

Capture these in the Camera of your Eyes!! 

With a small note, I would put my pen down. 

Let us all fill the cup of our life to the brim with lots of healthy and sweet memories by adding some additional ingredients to the basic recipe of living.


Saavi Mangla

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  1. Congratulations Savee. I never knew you are so talented. Your ideas language and style of putting forward your ideas are fantastic. You will reach to great heights in you life. God bless you.

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