Looking for Happiness in life?

Looking for Happiness in life?

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight is a well know saying and also true. Smile is something that gives charm to our appearance. Some people think they don’t have a reason to smile, but we have clothes, shelter, food, everything that we needed. Can’t we just be satisfied and happy in our lives?
Talking more about it. It is important to understand what life actually means.
What is life?
When I think what is life, honestly my mind gets blank and I ran out of thoughts because life is a beautiful gift given by god. We all have only one life to live, enjoy, destroy, and cry. It’s on us whether to enjoy or cry.

Happy Past! Happy Present! Happy Future!

Thinking about the past or future and not living the present to the fullest is the biggest mistake. Sometimes we think so much about future consequences and events that happened in the past that we are not able to enjoy our present to the fullest. We cannot change things that happened in past and we cannot change things that are going to happen. But from my thinking, some events happen for our own good. If you make your present joyful, Your past and future will always be brighter. Try to find positivity and happiness in each moment of life. Surely it will glitter your life as stars sparkle in the sky. Life is like a river we will never able to touch the same drop of water again the same with life we can never able to live the same moment again and again.

Evil Moments come into everyone’s life

Some rejections, public embarrassment, and many more events like that which sometimes lay a very depressing impact on our life. But it doesn’t mean that we stop living our lives or that moment is the end. Hundred of chances and opportunities are revolving around us we just have to grab one and leave to be successful and happier.
If I am smiling it doesn’t mean I didn’t have any rejection. I got some rejections and I know to get over them is a little difficult but not impossible. These are some challenges that make me strong and able. God always has a destiny for us, we just have to go along with it. If we dwell on public embarrassment then it is a tendency of the public that they didn’t remember our ad moments they always remember our success. So if you fail once try to give awesome performances or pass with flying colors that your success overshadows your failure. By doing these small little things we can have a big smile on our face. Also, it helps to transform our negative thinking into positive. Also, this attitude gives positive vibes.

Three magical wordsβ€”Help- Share- Care

These three words are similar to each other but from my point of view sharing and caring ate two ways of helping people. If you sharing something with a person may be its knowledge or something tangible than you are helping that person. Also while taking care you are helping the person. A small help bring lots of smile and happiness in others life and while seeing a smile and relax on their face it brings a smile on our face. So helping others indirectly makes us happy.
So be happy to make others happy. Stay chill and relaxed just grab the correct opportunity at right time. What you have others may not have that also. Be satisfied and keep smiling!!



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