By Divanshi seth

We often use words like ‘Best friends forever’, ‘Friends till the end’, ‘true friends’ for our friends. I was wondering about the importance of friendship and I have almost started questioning the meaning of true friendship.

What does friendship really mean?

There are not one but many meanings of friendship. For some, it can be just trusting each other and helping each other, or could be unconditional love or companionship. For someone it could be hanging out with friends, partying, doing all fun activities together. In short, friendship doesn’t have any specific definition.

A true friend is someone who understands us and we don’t need to explain to him about our feeling. He can get what going on inside me just by seeing the face. The meaning of true friendship could be a mutually agreed relationship between two individuals. It is the soul of every relationship as every relation starts with friendship. Mutual interests, habits, and thoughts are the traits of true friendship. A true friend is a blessing to have. They always stand by you and help us in difficult times. Their love for you is unconditional and They are like a family away from family.

Quality of true friendship

There are many examples that come across you that signify the meaning of true friendship. One such example is of Karn and Duryodhan. During the Mahabharata war, even after knowing that Duryodhan and his army were doing the wrong deed then too he didn’t leave their side and fought for them till his last breath. 

Also, the story of Krishna and Sudama is a story that also signifies true friendship. According to the Japanese term kenzoku, which means family, signifies the people who do similar commitments and share a similar destiny. This implies the deepest true meaning of friendship. We can experience such a relationship among our family members like parents or siblings or cousins or our friend in school or college. Here the bond is so close that the distance never matters. Even if they are far, one can understand the feelings of others. Such relationships could be hard to find but it stays forever.

Beware of fake friendship

This is not important that every friend we make is a good friend of ours and fulfill the criteria of the Japanese word Kenzoku that is family. They may come to fulfill their selfish motives and just go from your lives. Some just come to spoil you and satisfy their ego. Such people pretend to be good to you, they help you by keeping conditions and if not fulfilled they will refuse to help you. They will keep conditions every time. Such friendships do not last long and leaving you alone in the end.

Trust is the root of friendship and if this root is not strong the friendship will last long. So be wise while choosing a friend, as there are very few people in this world who genuinely help others. If your friend can handle your mood swings, can handle your tantrums, always motivates you to do something different, celebrates your success with you stand by you when you are in problem. Do not lose such friends, as it is hard to find such friends, but if found they will stay with you forever and will always be selfless to you. A genius says ” the most expensive thing is trust, cheap people can’t afford it”. So trust someone who is worth it, not who is cheap and is playing with your trust.

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