My definition of true love!

This is about the typical first love, the sweetness, and the pain and everything. I did not think much until someone close asked me, what special did I see in the person I loved. It hit hard and made me go on a trip to the corridors of memories. It was strange that I could not think of one solid reason to provide as an answer.
I thought about how hard had I fallen for the guy in the most unexpected time of my life. I tried to figure out why did I love the person more than my breath.

I guess I believed that I deserved lesser than what true love is. I think it was because it satisfied some kind of feeling that resided within me. But now I know better, love should be easy like the breezy wind at the beach. Real love should fill up your soul more than your eyes. I often heard people saying there is no true love and true promises. But it does exist, it exists when it is with the right person in the right kind of relation, and when these conditions are fulfilled, there is nothing less than happiness and the feeling of being loved.

Love should give you a thrill whenever you meet as if you are meeting for the first time. Only a few can handle it in all its glory. I question the choices I have made so far. I learned the harder way, through my mistakes, that unless that love finds me or I find it, I have to love myself, the hardest, with all that I have, after this discovery, I am ready to collect the pieces of my heart and rise from scratch like a Phoenix.
For when love knocks at the door, stay where you are loved for being the real you. You don’t want to be with someone who makes you confused about yourself. One who really loves you will never confuse you about the feelings. If it’s true you can feel the vibe. There is no need of hearing I love you every single time to make sure how much they love you. It resides in the little things that you do with love. If they really love you, you will see it in little things they do, do not comfort yourself with the sentence, Ohh! He/she is not the type to show love and affection. It will be loud and clear, subtle but not invisible.

What attracts us to fake relations is what we see or feel, and it is just a kind of illusion. You or me, we have surely come across the saying that love comes with pain. If you find the right one for you, your heart will change the definition of love. Wait with patience to find someone who treats you like the only priority.
Have patience, do not rush onto anything that gives you sensational pleasure, it is temporary. You have probably had a similar experience to mine. Stay strong, the heart that makes it through the hell is rewarded. Hold on to your patience, smile in your life. Live your life wisely. Wait with patience to see how beautifully your life will turn into. Do not settle for anything less than what is deserved, and you do deserve the best. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Staying alone, and loving yourself is better than the companion of toxicity.




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