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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

when I came to college, I saw every students are good at something, some are good in technical, some have good communication skills and some are doing others things not related to study. when i look at myself, I’m good in nothing and now I started feeling like looser that didn’t achieved anything else. I’m very disappointed with myself. How should i deal with this feeling?

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Nancy Singh Maurya answered 3 years ago

I get what u r feeling right now, it is common to feel so when u r surrounded by excellence. Buy u r missing one point, you r one of them. If u were not brilliant enough u wudn’t be where u r. It is never important to have a talent it is important that u have zeal to learn. Also it take different duration of time for a person to discover their talent and interest. Do not I repeat do not feel low at any point of ur life becoz if u see awesome people around u, r just as awesome to b able to b there with them. Hopefully u will find it interest soon too.
Thank you and have a great day

saurav shukla answered 3 years ago

everyone is a beginner sometimes and they do also start from ZERO. So think this your point Zero and figure out what the skills that you can learn in the coming years. Don’t focus on other’s achievements, this is a time for you to focus on your learning and believe within 1 years you might be far better than your batchmates. 

Krishna Pandey answered 3 years ago

Hey dear, When you feel contented only then you will realise that how Successful man you are. We are also successful very much only problem is that we don\’t recognise that eg. If we can climb trees, drive car on such a busy traffic of India, Swim in water, Sing songs, write Articles, Compose music, Cook food, Wash clothes etc. The only thing is that we have to be satisfied on our capabilities and live free You must be satisfied with my view😂