why being an introvert is consider as an incompetent ?

Questions forumCategory: Questionswhy being an introvert is consider as an incompetent ?
Saurav shukla asked 3 years ago

Many times I have felt that Introvert is consider as bad. what is the big deal in being introvert. I don’t like talking too much rather I like spending time alone and exploring the inner me. But everywhere I see all suggest me to be more social, make more friends (actually to make some friends :), since I don’t have any so called bestie.). Even our college also teaches us to get socially connected. I Know we all live together and we need to be socially connected with each other but the problem what I think is now everyone is considering social connection is a an ideal skills that is very essential to get success in life. How many people you know, how famous you are, how socially active you are, how many friends you have, how often you spend time with them are the barometer to measure how intelligent person you are.
well I’m going to write an essay on this :). But I don’t get why extrovert is a skill which is always praised by others and Introvert is always cursed.
I would like get your view on this. so please reply

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Randyunlow answered 2 years ago

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