Top 3 reason why you procrastinate and waste time


You are here in search of reasons for Procrastination, Let me tell you a story of Rakesh. He is a very intelligent person, but whenever he gets any Assignment or work deadline upcoming. He promises himself that this time he is going to start early and will finish the assignment before the deadline. however, this time as he puts it off and later when the deadline comes closer he again thinks it would have started early then he wouldn’t have this pressure. you might be thinking that this story is related to your one, Well this problem of procrastination is with most of us.

Yes! We all go through the habit of procrastination. procrastination doesn’t cause by lack of discipline, lack of motivation or lack of time management. It is due to mindset or habit of postponing things on the next day. Anyone can overcome procrastination by just understanding the reason behind why people usually procrastinate. You can easily conquer procrastination by shifting the mindset and habits.

Reason of procrastination

1. I’will do it tomorrow

is this the excuse often used by you whenever you have to start your assignment or task. Well, you are not the only one in the tribe. YOu generally keep the task for the next day because you find the task/ assignment tedious job thus you are not excited about the task anymore. you could also have another thing which makes you happier doing it. on the other hand, you leave the previous task for the next day.

What to do about it: In this situation, a very important thing is to analyse if this procrastination is affecting you a lot or not. If Yes, then you must understand which task is more important to you and benefits in your career. however, it’s obvious this important task could be a tedious task. this is only what help you in your career and will push your limit so, you have to decide whether you want a bright future or a hopeless future.

2. Bad habits of procrastination 

The habit of procrastination is very common in students. be it an assignment or preparing for exams mostly don’t start at the right timing. they will end up with very little time in the end to complete their task. This clears that doing it every time build a bad habit of procrastination. The mindset of doing things at the end increases stress and anxiety and we end up completing task inefficiently.

What to do about it:  possessing such habits will never be beneficial in your career. further, you must have heard that some can do best at the last moment hurry, however, this is not the case with everyone. I would recommend not build such habits of procrastinating. Managing your time effectively is the only way to win over your procrastination habit.

3. Worrying about failure

There are many people around us for whom fear of failure is devastating. they see failure as something which could affect their reputation which eventually declines their morale. so, they find procrastinating the task more suitable and avoid taking action on the task if they are not 100 % sure about their success.

what to do about it:  Ask yourself what the worst it could happen if you fail? Maybe you could not complete your task completely and could get criticism. And you will not get to learn anything from it. failures are very necessary to master anything. failures allow you to review your performance and analysis where you went wrong. so, don’t be afraid to fail and see failure as an opportunity to learn something which will make you successful in your life.




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