what you can give up for your dream?

what you can give up for your dream?
what you can give up for your dream?

Hello friends

Today I will make you realize what is more important in your life. There are many things which make you happy But it up to you how you take it. If you make the priorities to those things which are opposing you to achieve your goal. I’m sure you will never achieve your goals

In every student’s life, there is a situation of love, unnecessary parties, and bad friendships. Everyone has to come up with this situation now. It’s all on you how to come up with this. Your Action will make you great. Every youth wants to be unique, and this is a situation when your Action makes you unique. 

Whenever if you confuse about choosing things in your life. Just remember what is important to you and go for it .what you can leave for your goals is friends, girls, your effort. If your goal is a Priority then, this will not matter to you. If this thing is a Priority then, you will never succeed.

Give your time to you in thinking for you.

Run behind long term pleasure (goal) and avoid short term pleasure (distraction). 

Never live a life without purpose because life without purpose is meaningless.

Have a nice day.

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