when life pause

when life pauses

There are times in everyone’s life where there is nothing but stillness. It’s like being frozen and watching others float or being unable to do anything about it just sucks. We homo sapiens are trained to think that everything needs to just keep moving, having to pauses is just not something we handle properly. So, let’s talk about these pauses and everything around it.

The one you need

If you drive your car for too long, the performance goes down, it heats up and overall, the experience isn’t good. We react similarly to these situations. We NEED to pause, sometimes it is voluntary and sometimes it is not. We stop because we know we have had enough and we stop because something is not letting us move. The former one is welcomed as refreshment time for our personal growth as an individual. We get rejuvenated and are motivated to carry on with all the enthusiasm in the world. It is Wonderful to let go of worries, and cutting out completely is not a choice many have but bringing changes will definitely make things better, loosen up a bit, say no to things which are not as important. After finishing up, call your mum and rant to her about random things and chat with friends and let them know how dumb they are, it helps. Even in 15 minutes, you get to breathe in the rush, hold still, not inactivity but letting your brain just be non-functional for a while, do what you feel like. These breaks do not mean a lack of purpose. It boosts to fulfill them.

The stillness you don’t want

What about when we are stuck. It is not because we chose it. It’s because of external reasons? It takes a lot to get going again and there are setbacks even after that.

When this happens to us, we tend to lose control of what we are doing, or what is happening around us or to us. Making that coffee we love seems like a burden, the pillows at night are wet and we come up with strange thoughts that hurt us, You just scrape by… with a heavy heart and fake smile. But, how long? How long till it breaks you further, and this time it won’t be due to external reasons, it will be self-inflicted. Don’t let this happen to you.

You are better than whatever hurt you, don’t let anything take more space than it is meant to. It hurts, it will pass by soon. You have the strength to do it, push yourself to be a stronger version of you. You have the strength to do it, push yourself to be an even stronger version of you. When you are in a dark alleyway in your mind, you tend to feel like no one understands you at all, and you are left alone to deal with everything. But, the majority of the time it is not the case, seek out friendship and help. Trust me, there are some people who care genuinely about you, do not isolate yourself. Spend time with them, let yourself be open, let it all out. Start small, make a checklist of things you have to do, this helps with productivity and letting you feel in control. Work on yourself, reflect, and seal what was in the past because moving forward does not mean abruptly leaving it behind. It means that you get closure.

Remember that messes don’t fix themselves, do not wait for that to happen. Take steps yourself, be the one in control. Moving forward is important, maybe not all the time, but the show must go on. You have to believe that it is in you and only you to make a positive impact on your life. Momentary pleasures and pains will be here and there, no doubt, but it is important not to depend on them for your inner peace, and not let them be the axis of how things develop.

In conclusion

To wrap It up, the key takeaway is that it is okay to take a break from time to time, it helps you bounce back to your best. But if it is forced due to other reasons, then take control like a boss that you are of your life.




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